august - handgun history


Each month, this section features prominent incidents of violence in the history of America involving handguns and shooters, ranging from school-aged children to disgruntled employees to lone-wolf assassins, acting out of a wide range of motives. Each month's incidents will include details such as: the identity of the shooter; the number of people killed and wounded; the make, model, and caliber of the handgun(s) used in the shooting; the circumstances of the shooting; and, how the handgun was acquired.

  • On August 20, 1986, Patrick Henry Sherrill went on a shooting rampage at the Edmond Post Office in Edmond, Oklahoma, killing 14 employees and injuring six people before turning the gun on himself. Sherrill, a loner and former marksman in the Marines, was on the verge of being fired from his job as a postal worker. The two .45 pistols and .22 pistol were all acquired legally. According to the District Attorney in Oklahoma City, Sherrill had no criminal record or history of mental instability.